I’m Doing OK

I was writing on my journal early this morning and asking myself all sorts of deep philosophical question about myself and life. Just like one would go and about reminiscing life now that it has come to the very last day of 2018.

I wrote: “Where I am at now compared to where I want to be or should be?”

I wrote: “What have I achieved in my life this far?”

I wrote: “What do I really want in life?”

I wrote: “What do I really need in life?

I wrote: “What are my resolutions for next year?”

Yeah, that all sorts of question.

Amidst writing, a sudden realisation came through to me, that the one question I should be asking myself is, “How am I doing?”

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I am Enough

Ever since I was introduced to the Law of Attraction and the benefit of positive affirmation, I have been paying attention to the words that come to my attention at any given time and situation. This time it is “I am enough.”

In relation to the previous post, where I wrote about the need to be more, do more and have more, the aforementioned word of affirmation seems like a light at the end of a tunnel. Well, almost. Because I haven’t fully grasped it and am still rumbling on the meaning of it.

So I turned to Google and began my research. Within half an hour I read probably a dozen interesting articles written by bloggers about “I am enough” and their personal experience of it, and what it is and what it is not. Continue reading “I am Enough”