Welcome 2017


Hello living souls,

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and wish you a great year ahead!

I know that I have been telling myself that I would start this blog by the beginning of this year, yet things got in the way (Read: procrastinate). So, I’m running a little behind as now January is rolling into the last week and have plenty to catch up. The perfectionist me wanted to wait until I have everything ready before I start, yet the inner me is screaming to write something. Anything. And I know better to not ignore the inner-self. Right?

Anyhow, how’s everyone’s 2017 going so far? I know for many people this year seems to be scary with so many uncertainty about the future, especially for the American people. I could sense the lower energies surrounding the events following the presidential election and the inauguration, despite for being in Australia. However, I do hope that we all stay united and send out love and healing to one another, instead of spreading hate.

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