First Tattoo

When I woke up this morning, I certainly did not think that I would get a tattoo. I mean, yes, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo since at least two years ago and although I’ve only known not long ago what it would be, I’ve always wanted to do it. But I just never did. Well, until today.

Little did I know, the Universe has set up the perfect timing and picked the right place, and I came home with one.I had plans with Michelle today. I was going to go to a spin class session at my gym and she was supposed to do SUP yoga (you know, the kind of yoga on water where you stand on a paddle board?) I don’t actually know if that’s the name but yes, she was supposed to go on that yoga session. Then we were supposed to meet at a crystal shop and catch up. That was the plan. But last night she called me, telling me that her yoga session got canceled. So instead of meeting at a crystal shop, we decided to train together at her gym and then go have a lunch.

I woke up slightly later than usual and went about for the day. We trained and practiced Chaturanga, which means a lot of push-ups, for about an hour. Hunger kicked in so we decided to go get grab a bite. She gave me a few options of a place to eat and I decided on an Asian restaurant that happens to be in Flemington for the sake of bigger serving portion (I tend to forget that I just did a workout when it comes to food.) As we were walking to the restaurant, I spotted this nice little tattoo shop across the street.

No, we didn’t go straight to the tattoo shop. In fact, I was still pretty chill about not getting the tattoo done. I was like, no, it’s not the time yet.

We went to the restaurant, had pretty good meals and chatted about our plans, dreams, ideas and about life in general, and only then I had this urge feeling that I should just go check out the tattoo shop and get it done. But of course I tried to ignore the feeling, again. Yup, I remembered having the exact same feeling when I met her a couple weeks ago before New Year, only then I was a bit tipsy.

Until she asked me where do I want to go after meal and I blurted out, “Let’s check out the tattoo shop.”

If you have known me for long, I’m not the kind of person who would be so quickly to make a decision as big as getting a tattoo. In fact, I can be quite indecisive sometimes. I might have to get my solar plexus chakra checked or something, for being such a indecisive person.

Anyhow, we eventually went to the tattoo shop and I ended up getting one. It was just like, BAM! This is it. This is the place that I’ve been looking for. Actually, I have been searching for the perfect tattoo shop and tattooer and have made contacts with a couple shops. But none of them really got me. By that, I mean I just didn’t feel the vibe at all. But this place, this little shop is different. The second I entered the shop, it got me real quick. The place looks clean with artsy decoration and a little of spiritual touch of some crystals to the decoration. Okay, I’m a softie when it comes to crystals.

Despite the shop was quite busy and I was just doing a drop-in, it happened that a tattooer was available. And when I said that the Universe has set it all up, the tattooer is really a godsend and he’s really good at what he’s doing. Not only on the work he did for my tattoo, he’s also nice and kind enough to talk me through the whole process, knowing that it is my very first tattoo.

How did I feel before, during and after? Heck, I was nervous. I was busy getting both my mind and body ready for the pain. I almost couldn’t breathe when I was already lying on the table, waiting for the tattooer to start. The buzzing sound of the ink gun was felt like a chainsaw already cutting through me. I was squeezing hard the stress ball the tattooer gave me in case I couldn’t handle the pain.

And then the first hit of the needle pierced through my flesh. Yes, it did hurt for the first few minutes and it hurt more when it got to a slightly boney part. But luckily I was told to breathe deeply and so I did, and it helped a lot with the pain. I was breathing so deeply I must have gone into a meditative state that I didn’t feel the pain as much as I did for the first few seconds. In fact, I came to realise that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It certainly was scarier in my head than how it actually was.

As I was slowly getting deep into my meditative state, I realised that all this time what was stopping me from getting my first tattoo was fear. It was the fear of pain. And because I feared so much of the pain, my brain picked out the fear and sent a horrible image of how painful it could be.

Halfway done, I also realised that I have been friggin’ doing this all my life. What I mean is, I have been letting fear stopping me from doing things. I have even feared of dreaming big because I fear of failure and disappointment. So I made excuses to make me feel good for not daring to dream and thriving for it.

Now, I realised how true the saying, “It all seem scarier in our mind than how it really is in reality.” I couldn’t agree more! I mean, I’ve always imagined the worst even before doing it and that’s why I never get to do it. You see, it turns out that fear is the little culprit.

This has definitely been a life lesson for me and the tattoo will always remind me not only of its meaning but also about getting through my fears.

After about an hour, more or less, it was done. I made it. I survived. Oh, and it wasn’t as scary as I first thought, and less painful than I thought it would be. Like, seriously.

This was all thank you to Michelle for her endless support and kick-in-the-butt kind of thing she always does whenever I need a little push. And of course, the Universe for such a lesson!

So, if you’re reading my story and you’ve been wanting to get a tattoo but haven’t done so, well, what are you waiting for?

Love and Light

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