Love Your Life Day 6


Hey lovelies,

In day 6, I am required to write down baby steps to achieve one goal (out of 5) that will create a transformation in my life. I choose Love. Because, well, it all starts with love. As Louise Hay once said, “If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.”

To create the steps to love myself more from time to time, I’m inspired by a self-help book that I’m currently reading, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero.

Step 1: Accept myself for who I am. I used to care about what people think or say about me. I wanted people to accept me. I wanted to belong in a tribe. So I tried real hard to meet people’s expectation of me. I was a people pleaser and would drop anything, including my own happiness to help those who are dearest to me. I lived a life of someone else’s. And it hinders me from finding my true-self. But it’s about to change now. I no longer care about what other people’s perception of me. They may or may not judge me, it’s completely out of my control. And I’m too busy loving myself and living my life with my true-self intact to care.

Step 2: Forgive myself. Failure was not in my book. I resented failure and hated making mistake. I had to always be and do everything perfectly. What I didn’t realise is failure is delay, not defeat and I grow from the lesson of my mistakes. I may have hurt someone in the past because I didn’t know better and I beat myself hard for it. Until I learned that it is okay to forgive myself and that I deserve the best even when I’m flawed.

Step 3: Appreciate how special I am. I may not be perfect but I am special. In fact, we are all special and gifted with talents to share with the world. I learned it the hard way. So, I decided to start appreciating myself from small things. From as simple as thanking myself for making it to step on my yoga mat and do 10 minutes of Sun Salutation at 7 o’clock in the morning where I could actually catch an hour of extra sleep, to applaud myself for taking the first step towards my life purpose with faith and trust.

Step 4: Drown myself in affirmations. I typed down a list of positive affirmations I googled from the internet, printed it and stick it on my mirror. I read each of affirmation every morning and totally feel it. It does help to make me feel I can conquer the day and fill me with fabulous feelings. I may have more sticky notes full of positive affirmation around the house.

Step 5: Do things I love. Ofttimes, I found excuses not to do something that I love, feeling like I’m not good enough to do it or am afraid of failing. And what comes next is absolutely predictable; I would ask why myself, “Why didn’t I go for it?” after watching someone else did it. Well, it’s about to change now, starting from making the time to do things that make me feel alive, and actually do it.

If you’re reading this and start thinking of your own steps to love yourself more and more and be the love and kindness to other people, I welcome you abroad! And I really do hope this would inspire you because the train is passing by and the journey starts with jumping on it. You either be the passenger or the watcher, you decide. 😉

Love and Light.

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