Love Your Life Day 2 & 3


Hello divine souls,

Following my previous post, I am now in Day 3 of “Love Your Life in 30 Days” project. I’m putting day 2 and 3 in one post because the activity for day 2 is relatively short. It is to create a theme for my project.

After putting some thought about what I really want to happen this year, I have come to a realisation that I want nothing more than to just simply be. So, my theme for this project is “Simply Being.” Simply being happy. Simply being love. Simply being healthy. Simply being creative. Simply being abundant. And most of all, I want to start being alive.

Referring to the theme, I now have clearer ideas of specific details of my 5 general areas, which is the activity for day 3. These specific details refer to the things that will be drawn to my life once those changes manifested. Quoting Mike Dooley’s words, these are my juicy, sexy and wonderful details that make my heart pound!

Happiness. With simply being happy in every moment of my life, I will find JOY. I have never quite understood the meaning of “Joy”, let alone feeling it. Therefore, I’m hoping that by practising being happy now I will then experience joy.

Love. Have you ever heard a saying that says, “We are love”? It basically says that one is not in love or cannot be in love because one is love. Anyway, what I will see happening after Love is manifested in my life is self-acceptance, self-appreciation, and essentially I will love myself from time to time. And once those are experienced, I will develop loving and kindness not only toward myself but also toward other beings.

Health (in mind, body, spirit). What I will experience in this area is inner peace, as well as strong and healthy body, and clear mind. And to achieve these goals, I see myself exercise daily, practice yoga, meditate and eating healthy food. (Okay, Nando’s chips is exceptional on cheat days.)

Creativity. I found that learning cooking and baking skill excites me and boosts my creativity. I mean, sometimes I need to improvise with the recipes to meet my meal plan and praying hard that the ingredients I choose go well with the recipes. And trust me, I had never known I could cook. Thanks to Michelle, who was willing to drive all the way to my house in a woop woop land (according to her), and taught me how to cook. When I get more confident with my cooking skill, I will definitely host a dinner party. Apart from trying new recipes, I’ve always known that writing is something that I love doing because it relaxes me. It’s almost like a form of meditation for me. I can also express myself better with writing. And one day, I will write a book. Oh yes, I will. I mean, why not? (And I can feel The Universe nods in agreement.)

Abundance. “I always have more than enough of everything I need” will definitely be my mantra and I will simply stop worrying about material needs. Being abundant is simply more than just about materialistic things. For me, it’s also being grateful for everything that I have at present moment and what I will receive in the future.

Love and Light.

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