Love Your Life Day 1


Hello living souls,

I hope everyone is doing great and well.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce something amazing to you. A while ago, I discovered TUT from a dear friend of mine, Rebecca. Created by Mike Dooley, TUT stands for “The Universe Talks.” It sends out weekly notes from “The Universe” that contain brief emails and are personalized with the follower’s name, goals and dreams. The Notes are designed to remind us that we have, indeed, what we need to make things happen in our lives. To sign up for it, simply click here. It’s FREE, by the way.

Last month, TUT launched a project called “Love Your Life 30 Days,” which comes up with 30 activities to complete over 30 days. I participated along with another 26,000 plus members from all over the world who are connected through a Facebook page.  Although I started at the same time with everyone else, I did fall behind. However, I decided to start over and share it here.

So, I’m in Day 1 today and the activity is to write down 5 general areas in my life that I would like to create a change in and develop over this year. Here are my 5 chosen areas.

Happiness. I used to have this thought or belief that I will be happy IF… Yes, I used to think that happiness would come if certain conditions are met; I will be happy if I can get a new fancy car, I will be happy if I can earn more money, I will be happy if I can buy all the things I want, I will be happy if I can travel around the world, and so many more if’s. Then I asked myself a question, “Why can’t I just be happy, no matter what?” And the answer is, yes, I can be happy. In fact, I can be happy NOW in every life situation that I am in. The next thing is I then realised that for 29 years of my life I had always been seeking happiness form the outside world or from somebody else. What I didn’t realise before is that happiness is found from within.

Love. This is a strange word for me, Love is. Although, I have declared love to somebody else in the past, the truth is I didn’t really understand the meaning of Love. It probably meant possession because when I declare love to someone, then the person becomes mine. Later in 2016, when what I would like to call my spiritual journey began, I discovered the importance of loving myself. I used to think that self-love is as close to being selfish. Boy, was I wrong! By adding Love to my 5 areas, I’m going to learn to love myself from time to time. Because only when I love myself, can I love others and be loved.

Health (in mind, body and spirit). Adding this to my 5 areas, I’m aiming to have a more healthy life. Gone are the days of eating junk food, pulling all-nighters, or having sorrowful thoughts. I know, I know, slip outs are still allowed.

Creativity. I was never creative. Or so I thought. I always thought that creative people are those who always come up with new things. People in Advertising industry are creative people. Journalists, writers, photographers, designers, artists, you get what I mean, they are all creative people and I wasn’t one of them. Yet, I learned that we are all creative human beings. So, adding Creativity into this reminds me to tap into my inner creative soul.

Abundance. You may be familiar with the thinking of “I earn just enough to get me by this week,” and literally live from paycheck to paycheck. And guess what? You do earn just enough to get by the week and start going about the next week. I’ve been there, done that. Here’s the thing, thoughts become reality and so for years that’s what my reality was. So, I would happily want to create a change in this area of my life.

I have shared the changes I want to make in my life and I’m hoping that it inspires you to do the same. I would get into details of each area in Day 3 activity and I’m looking forward to it.

Love and Light.

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