Welcome 2017


Hello living souls,

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and wish you a great year ahead!

I know that I have been telling myself that I would start this blog by the beginning of this year, yet things got in the way (Read: procrastinate). So, I’m running a little behind as now January is rolling into the last week and have plenty to catch up. The perfectionist me wanted to wait until I have everything ready before I start, yet the inner me is screaming to write something. Anything. And I know better to not ignore the inner-self. Right?

Anyhow, how’s everyone’s 2017 going so far? I know for many people this year seems to be scary with so many uncertainty about the future, especially for the American people. I could sense the lower energies surrounding the events following the presidential election and the inauguration, despite for being in Australia. However, I do hope that we all stay united and send out love and healing to one another, instead of spreading hate.

My 2017 started off pretty well. I spent the NYE having dinner with my good friends and watching the fireworks together. It was, indeed, a good memory. However, there was a devastating news that came a couple weeks after; one of my uncles passed away of heart attack. I was heartbroken because just a few days before we were joking around on Facebook and he seemed very well. What hurt the most is that I couldn’t fly home to attend his burial and see him for the last time. But I did Facetime my mum and I said goodbye to my uncle through the screen.

A few days later, another close relative passed away. Although, it didn’t affect me as much as my uncle’s death, I did feel sad and it topped up my grieve. It did take me lots and lots of meditation and healing prayer to feel better, and I am okay now.

Apart from the sad news, I’m starting 2017 with changes and transformation. I have to admit that 2016 hadn’t been easy. However, in the process I discovered a life-changing event that brought me closer to my friends and to now, and it made me so grateful. So, I made the decision to start new and fresh this year, including starting a new blog (I had a blog that I kept for almost 7 years.) There have been a few changes happening since last year and I am definitely expecting more to come this year. That being said, I am so excited to see what 2017 has in store for me and am looking forward for my life to unfold divinely!

Being so excited about this year, I do hope that whoever’s reading this would also feel the same. Wherever you are and whatever you’re dealing with right now, know that everything will be okay. You’re not alone. You’re never alone. Because the universe has your back, and mine, too! I’m sending you a super uplifting and positive energy virtually. 🙂

Love and Light.

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